Get registered for this class.

Step 1: Email me at [email protected]. If you don't have an email address, get one now. Try these links.

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Step 2: Register for this class.

Below are our projects.

BLACKBOARD-online gradebook

Go to

Login: first four letters (lower case) of your last name followed by your 4-digit ID.

Password: Your 4-digit ID

Check out the site. Go to Tools, and Check your grade.
Email me if you have questions.

EXAMPLE :: Login: ande1245
Password: 1245

Note: In order to be registered, I must have your email address and 4-digit ID.


into the Hand-in Folder

1)Open the folder with your name.
2)Hold down the option key while you drag the assignment into the Hand-in folder.
3)You will get a message telling you you cannot open the folder but that it goes to the teachers folder.
4)Click OK.

Classroom Policies: Your grade and credit will be earned by being ON TIME and IN CLASS and completing the work assigned. Students on time to class and engaged in classroom activites receive 10 points for the day. Students who are not engaged in classroom activities will earn zero class participation points. A student observed cruising the internet will receive an automatic zero classroom participation points for the day. A minimal class participation grade of 65% is required in order to receive credit. Students with unexcused absences receive a zero class participation grade for the day they are absent. Students with an excused absence must make up the classroom time within 5 days of their absence or they will receive a zero class participation grade. I'm available for extra help and make up time most days after school.