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Summer 2003

Hi. I 'm Camilla Saly, Technology Staff Developer. For the last three years, I have provided extensive staff development for the educators of New York City's Alternative Schools. Although our Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs district no longer exists in its previous form, educators will continue to pioneer technology integration techniques in our schools. If you are an educator in any of New York City's alternative schools, and would like to be a part of our virtual community, please join our listserv.


Discover The Keys to Technology Integration in Schools.

Camilla's Educational Resources Links
Learn how to transform your school into a cyberschool, create a tecnology plan, and build web pages with your students. Download our Internet safety forms for use with students and parents. Access links for our teacher and student web servers. Discover other truly useful resources for educators, including databases of Family Group Advisory lessons, guidance and transition resources, and ESL lessons. Become part of our online community! We continue to provide forums for professional dialogue.

Young Women's Tech prepares young women (disproportionately represented in technology fields) to enter high tech careers. Follow the link for girls-and-tech resources.

We all need to be vigilant, conscientious viewers of mass media. My Media Literacy Links help teachers and students question the dominant paradigm, enhancing critical thinking. These are some of the best places to get a critical analysis of media representation, and here you can find fantastic materials for developing lessons.

Here are some resource materials for LGBT Youth.

Become a part of The Producer's Project, which blends academic inquiry with documentary film making via professional development for teachers, and classes for students.

Mouse.org helps our schools develop students into trained technicians who do the tech support, maintenance and repair of computers in their schools.

To preserve and advance progressive and Alternative Education, progressive and alternative educators of New York City are joining together to develop strategies for the continued support of our schools in 2003 and beyond. To find out more, check out The Progressive Education Network.