Camilla's Educational Resources

We are transforming our schools into Cyberschools. Here's how. is the Alternative Schools' Cyberschool Resource Page, created by Ted Nellen, cybrarian, educational technology pioneer, and now technology staff developer for our district.

HTML template

Ted Nellen's basic starter web page helps teachers learn to make their own web pages.

Teachers' Server is a Teachers' Web Server, where all teachers from our schools and programs can post their teacher web pages.

Students' Server is where our schools' students can post their online work. is an entirely free web site where you can create your own courses, manage student users, and provide a bulletin-board style "chat" environment for kids to use for their academic discussions. Administrative priveledges allow you to delete unwanted postings. Blackboard is an online interface that allows our teachers to build online courses for their students. Visit the courses page for information about obtaining an account.
Student laptop contract Laptop_contract.doc Download this word file to use as is or modify -- for schools whose students have laptops
Form for Student Work

A DOE-created Parental Consent Form for Online Student Work

Tech Plan help is where to start when creating your school's Tech Plan. has examples of Alternative Schools who have created Tech Plans.
 Teacher email

Outlook is the New York City Board of Education's email for all NYCDOE classroom-assigned teachers. For additional instructions about how to start up your account, go to

Look up your teacher email account

You can lookup your NYC Dept of Education teacher email login for help in negotiating the nycteach webmail system.

Family Group Advisory Database Check out the database we created that will be able to provide teachers with the resource materials for Family Group Advisory that they need. provides Family Group Advisory lessons, an online discussion board, and the Family Group Advisory handbook.
ESL Lessons Database
Our database of ESL Lessons was created for the web by Henry Ruan, with lessons developed by staff developer Marion Gross.
Guidance and Crisis Intervention Support Database The Transition Database provides a vast array of student support resources for "Transition" teachers, guidance counselors, and other school personnel. 
Rubric for evaluating web pages

This rubric is excellent for evaluating students' web pages.

Cite your sources Citation of Web Sites tells you how to cite web pages as sources
Alternative teachers' web pages
Web Pages and other multi-media projects have been developed by alternative teachers in our classes. You can also check out for an example of how teachers can use web pages to post homework assignments and classroom resources.

Alternative teachers' favorite pages provides great links for teachers by subject, created by Alternative, Adult and Continuing Education Schools and Programs educators.

Online tutorials Webreference provides web design tools galore, including the basics up to Java
Linux support

Utilities and set up scripts for Linux and OSX, courtesy of Rob Marino, our resident Linux guru and tech ruler of Concord HS

Open Source software Open Source Software for Schools - for do-it-yourself-ers, this is a Linux group that supports open source software development
Articles on Computer Education

Ted Nellen's Read Page is a web page with excellent articles about the use of technology in schools.

Internet use sign-off sheet for students Feel free to use our Internet Acceptable Usage Policy student sign-off sheet.
Internet use sign-off sheet for parents

Also consider using our Internet Acceptable Usage Policy parent sign-off sheet.

Student "start page" is the browser start page for students, school computers and computer labs, created by web publisher Olgierd Bilanow.

New York City Learning Standards

Resources for Teachers and Curriculum Resources and Learning Standardsare provided by the NYCBOE Central Board's Office of Instructional Technology.

Regents Help is an invaluable resource for Regents test preparation, built by alternative high school teacher Levi Anthony.

Technology Teaching Resources Integrate technology skills into your curriculum. Youth Learn has some ideas and resources.
WNYE digital video sumission form Submit your students' digital video projects to WNYE, to be shown on TV.
Evaluating web pages

Evaluation Tools is Kathy Schrock's famous internet resource that helps educators and students make web pages.

More web evaluation tools Wolfgram-Memorial Library is a resource for evaluating web content -- very useful for students
Young Women's Tech program resources
Check out my Young Women's Tech and Media Literacy Links for Students and Teachers. Some Young Women's Tech Classes have created online work. View RF Wagner's YWT On-Line Magazine and EBC Bushwick's YWT Web Quest here.
Collaborative Projects
International curricular collaborations are being built by the Superintendency. Our International Bridges Project provides the environment for the development of collaborative on-line curricular projects and opportunities for dialogue across cultures and countries.

Our superintendency has collaborated with (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education), to develop tech squads of students who serve as technical support teams their own schools.

Vergant created The Producer's Project in collaboration with our schools. The project teaches documentary film making, integrating it as a tool for use in the academic curriculum.