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If you are setting up a Windows 2000 or Mac OS X server, you will experience problems if the workstations cannot do a reverse DNS lookup of the server name. This means that if your server has the IP, the workstation will ask the DNS server to provide the name (ex. associated with the server IP. If the lookup fails, the workstation will do nothing while this request times out. There are 2 solutions to this problem. One is to email Olgierd at [email protected] and I will get your server a domain name. The other option is to run your own DNS server, and to enter the IP of this server manually on all your workstations.
ASHS MLC (west 34th) 
ASHS MMALC/8plus (west 120th) 
Auxiliary Services (S.I. site) 
Auxiliary Services for High Schools 
Bed-Stuy Outreach 
Borough Academies (Murray Hill) 
Borough Academies Bronx 
Bronx Regional/James Baldwin Lit Ctr 
Brooklyn College Academy (Annex) 
Brooklyn International 
Cascades Center for Teaching & Lrng. 
CEC (west 56)/West Manh. Outreach 
Central Park East- H.S.  
Choir Academy of Harlem 
City as School/Lower Manh. Outreach ??? 
Coalition School/Landmark 
Community Prep 
Concord High School 
Correctional ??? 
E.N.Y. Family Academy 
EBC Pub. Service Bushwick 
EBC Pub. Service East NY 
Fannie Lou Hamer HS 
Freedom Acad/Borough Acad 2 Bridges 
Gregorio Luperon Preparatory 
High School of Redirection 
Hostos-Lincoln Academy 
Legacy School 
Liberty High School 
Lower East Side Prep. 
Manhattan Village Academy 
Metropolitan Corporate Academy 
Monroe Campus 
New School for Arts & Sciences 
Park East 
Passages Academy at Summit 
Pregnant & Parenting Teens (128th) 
Project Blend  
Project Blend (Bx) 
Public School Repertory Co.  
Queens Outreach 
R. F. Wagner 
School for the Physical City 
University Heights 
Urban Peace Academy 
Wings Academy