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is a collaboration of

Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School and Offsite Educational Services (OES) under the auspices of the NYC DOE Office of Youth Development and School Community Services .

Dr. Lester Young Jr., West Side Principal Jean McTavish and OES Principal Robert Zweig provide the primary support for the program.

Susan Mondzak and the Teen Talk staff will be forever indebted to

Edward A. Reynolds

.... who helped it all get started 11 years ago. We now serve over 20 schools and are the annual recipient of national and local awards for teen-driven radio and TV programming.



...In the Studio

Now in it's tenth year, TEEN TALK RADIO is an issues orieneted hour long magazine format radio program produced by full time high school interns from Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School and Offsite Educational Services in residence at radio station WNYE .Broadcasting every Thursday afternoon from WNYE at 4:00-5:00pm and by tape-format on Tuesdays from WHCR, Teen Talk Radio presents hard-hitting urban teen issues.

"TEEN TALK LIVE"...Every Thursday from 4:00-5:00pm, you can join students interns from the Teen Talk Radio internship via the telephones on our live radio call-in program Teen Talk Live.

"TEEN TALK TV"...Teen Talk interns take their cameras to the streets to create award winning video documentaries broadcast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and Manhattan Channel 1 .....check them out! NOW check out the regular TV Teen Talk TV on Channel 25. REMEMBER... the 1st Friday of every month at 5:00 PM.

"TEEN TALK INTERNSHIP"...Find about the full time radio internship sponsored by West Side High and Offsite Educational Services in collaboration with radio station WNYE.



Extended Day Program for Violence Prevention TEEN TALK PRODUCTIONS : This year 13 alternative high schools and sites will be participating in the TEEN TALK segment of the EDP Grant Program for Violence Prevention. Each school will have a team of 10-15 students that will meet afternoons in a media studies class. The teacher in each team will undergo training in the process of producing Public Service Announcements (PSA's) as well as learning the guidelines for having their team produce a 60 minute talk show. During February and March the students will research, write, rehearse and record violence prevention PSA's. Then during April and May the research, writing, rehearsals and recording will culminate in an hour long talk show for broadcast on WNYE FM in New York City. The teams can opt to pre-record their shows for later broadcast but most students prefer the 'live' format which allows for listeners and friends to call into the station with questions and comments. All content of the programming is student-driven, focusing on the issues of violence prevention, conflict resolution and the life-issues of urban youth.

CREATIVE ARTS TEAM (C.A.T.) : These same 13 schools also have a team of students with a teacher participating in a parallel theater program. The CAT from NYU (Paul A. Kaplan Center for Educational Drama) works with each teacher and team to participate in the CAT.'s process of utilizing the medium of theater to promote social, emotional and educational growth. CAT uses the power of theater to open hearts and expand minds. In mid-May, there will be a public presentation of the dramatic real-life plays that are the outcome of each school's approach to bring the concept of Violence Prevention to the stage. N.Y.U.'s Loeb Student Center Theater hosted last year's wonderful finale.