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Upcoming Events * All newly assigned Principals are to attend sessions from 8 - 11 AM on the day of the Superintendents meetings.
Tue May 13th 9:30 AM Principal's Conference Call 888-830-6260 x231419
Mon May 26th Memorial Day Holiday
Wed May 28th 10AM - 3PM Principal�s Meeting * Supt's Office
Thu Jun 5th Anniversary Day Some schools closed
Thu Jun 12th 9:30 AM Principal's Conference Call 888-830-6260 x231419
Tue Jun 24th 11:30AM-3PM Principal�s Meeting Giando's on the Water
Thu Jun 26th Last day for students


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Superintendent's Scholarships
Written by Maureen Mahoney on 04-25-2003
Superintendent's Scholarship for Excellence in Alternative Education.

Limited Certificate
Written by Gwen Garrett Joly on 04-14-2003
As you all know, PPT's who have passed all required state exams are eligible to apply for the new Limited Certificate.

Next Phase of the NCLB Process
Written by Matt Bromme on 03-31-2003
Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB)...

School Yearbooks, Plays, Newspapers, Etc.
Written by Chad Vignola on 03-31-2003
Toleration of diverse viewpoints is not only a fundamental American principle but also a key element of the character of our richly diverse school system, which welcomes children of all beliefs, creeds, philosophies, religions and ethnicities.

Written by Ronald Chaluisan on 03-24-2003
Deadline March 31- JPMorganChase Is Offering The Best Scholarship!


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