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CEC's Fine Arts at a Glance



A brand new park has been sponsored in Long Island City by the NYC Department of Parks. And CEC's Howard Schwartzberg is one of the distinguished artists who was commissioned to beautify it.

The CEC Art teacher, assisted by Bert Ephraim and students, created a huge outdoor sculpture for the park. On Tuesdays, students have been working side by side with Mr. Schwartzberg and Mr. E. They began with the theoretical and then moved to the practical stages.

They learned the details of diagrams and sketches. They understood the geometry and mathematics involved in the project. They were taught the elements of physics which govern structures and architecture. Next they helped clear the area and prepared the earth surface with their own hands. Students got to understand the different types and quality of soils. They learned the role and operation of excavation machinery as well as the skills and dangers involved.

Finally they stood proudly next to their exhibit.

The park is named The Socrates Sculpture Park after the famous Greek philosopher. It is located on the bank of the East River close to Broadway. The opening ceremonies were held on May 16.

Art teacher Howard believes that the most important lesson learned is that human beings must take responsibility for revitalizing and beautifying their environment. "If we don't, who will?"