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     Our Technology Department is dedicate to  the technological integration of the curriculum and implementation of technology by teachers and students.

GLHS Tech Team

Jou Zoquier

[email protected]

Technical Support

Tech Instructor

GLHS Class of 1996

Hector Holguin

[email protected]

Admin Period Teacher

Science Teacher

Since 1993


Robin Portorreal

[email protected]

Software Evaluator

Math Teacher

Since 1997


     The School Network is accessible from every classroom and  the school library. Students have access to a computer lab and the library's research stations.

Available Courses

     Biweekly workshops: multiples sections in all aspects of the implementation of technology by teacher and students.

     Web Design Class: an introductory curriculum class for student interested in web design, publishing and internet graphics.

Lab Schedule

     Computer for students and class visits are schedule weekly during regular hours and after school.      

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