The President of the United Stated




       Lincoln is the sixteenth U.S. President. He was born near Hodgenville,KY. His father is a farmer. Lincoln moved early with his family to Indiana. His mother was dead when he was young. His father got married with Sarah Bush; his stepmother always encouraged him studying by himself. His family was poor. They couldn't support Lincoln going to school. So he educated himself. In 1830, he moved to Illinois where he pursued workaday jobs while studying law on his own.

       In 1832, he served, as a volunteer in Black Hank War but saw no action. In 1835, he entered the Illinois State legislature as Whig. In 1841, he left the legislature. In 1837, he had begun a law practice in Springfield, the capital of Illinois. In 1842, he married Mary Todd. In (1847-1849), he became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives where he again had a lackluster record despite his opposition to war in Mexico. Back in Springfield he gradually began to prosper as a lawyer.

       The president of the United States during the Civil War was Lincoln. Beginning of the war. He didn't allow black American to join the Army. He just wanted to the United State to remain one country. But in 1862, many people in the North were in favor of ending slavery. He decided that all slaves in the South should be freed. Lincoln announced the Emancipation Proclamation in Jan. 1, 1863. All slaves in states fighting against the U.S. would be "forever free." After the Civil War, he was dead in April 1865. Southern fanatic John Wilkes Booth killed him.


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