Introduction to Computers


  1. Overview
  2. Setting Up Computers to see the Internet
    1. Finding and Configuring a Browser
    2. Getting on our Local Area Network (LAN)
    3. Getting a Unique IP address
  3. Doing Searches on the Internet
    1. What is a Search Engine
    2. What is a Directory
    3. What is a keyword search
    4. What is Boolean Logic
    5. Doing Searches
    6. Saving Bookmarks
    7. Citing Your Sources
  4. Introduction to HTML
    1. How are web pages made
    2. What is a tag
    3. How do you get images on a page
    4. How do you change the layout
    5. Gifs, jpegs, and animated gifs
    6. Extras: java script, flash,sound and video
    7. Saving and updating your site
  5. Midwinter Project
  6. Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Site
    1. What the heck is a pixel
    2. How do you create and change text
    3. What are layers
    4. How do you change the compositon of photos
    5. How do you change and add color to objects
    6. Why use layers and masks
    7. Extras: animation, the web, dithering ....
  7. PowerPoint
    1. How do you create a presentation
  8. InDesign
    1. How do you make a pamphlet or a newsletter
  9. Final Project
    1. Review of all the above