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Ms. Aileen Chester, Principal

Principal: Martin Smallhorn

116 Nassau Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 694-8352 Fax (718) 694-8355




TWO BRIDGES ACACDEMY is a 'Borough Academy'...which is designed to address students' behavioral needs that prevent academic success and offers them a second chance. We accept those students who fit this profile through a referral process. Our school accepts students who have had at least one year of high school experience before attending Borough Academies and who are 17-21 years of age. Our mission, therefore, is to help our students develop self-esteem, coping skills, better decision-making skills, improve academic skills and, in turn, attain a high school diploma. Upon enrollment in our school, students evaluate their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and reflect upon the actions that brought them to Borough Academies. In addition to assessing their behavior and the choices they've made, students register for courses to help them complete their diploma requirements. Additional choices available to students include art projects, internships, co-op education participation, and apprenticeships with Co-op Tech.

In keeping with our vision, teachers and counseling staff seek post-secondary choices available to our students. College visits, career fairs, and guest speakers from local and distant colleges and the military are frequently set throughout the year. Entry-level careers are explored by our students.

Our school is a multi-sited alternative high school program, which serves the needs of young adults in the 10th-12th grade who exhibit behavioral problems or who have not met success in their previous high school(s). Our school is not a first high school experience. Our program seeks first to help the student manage his/her behaviors in a very personal setting with a strong pupil personnel department-guidance counselors and social workers. Behavior management principles are used to develop self-esteem, improve classroom management, and set appropriate long and short-range goals. As this takes place, students become focused upon academic pursuits, and take advantage of our rigorous academic classes. Our courses are nine weeks in length, four cycles a year, and are all developed by our teaching staff in collaboration with the New State Regents standards that our students must achieve for the 21st century. Teachers develop courses upon state standards, students' needs, and individual areas of expertise; textbooks and resources are chosen according to the same criteria. These standards are intended to bring our students to high levels of performance. We also offer internships, school-to-career experiences, and support services with strong emphasis on conflict resolution intermediation. Students are accepted throughout the year (rolling admission) and can graduate during any cycle that they have completed all of their requirements.



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