City As School- Manhattan
EA Reynolds West Side High School
Island Academy-Queens
Jobs For Youth - OES- Brooklyn
Job Corps: CEC- Brooklyn
Liberty High School Manhattan
Manhattan Village Academy
Metropolitan Corporate Academy
Pacific High School-Brooklyn
Park East High School-Manhattan
Project Blend High School- Bronx
Public School Repertory Company
Two Bridges Academy- Brooklyn
Urban Peace Academy-Manhattan


16 Clarkson Street

New York City, N.Y. 10014

(212) 337-6800 - Fax (212) 337-6875

Principal: Bob Lubetsky

EDP Teacher : Jackie Cuscuna


City-As-School is the nation�s leading external learning, or experiential learning, model for high school students. Since 1972, we have been continuously evolving a program for putting students in the field � primarily students at-risk for dropping out � and revitalizing their interest in their own lives, in their education, and in the society around them. We offer a rigorous program that sets high expectations both for our students and the professionals in the community who work with them. The experiences are structured to achieve cognitive as well as affective outcomes. The school is remarkable among programs for at-risk youth in that it motivates gifted-and-talented youth as well as those of more modest accomplishment. In 1983, we received the coveted validations as Developer/Demonstrator from the National Diffusion Network.