ISLAND ACADEMY at Rikers Island

Austin H. MacCormick ISLAND ACADEMY...Frank Dody- Principal

1800 Hazen St., East Elmhurst, NY 11370

(718)546-6200 / Fax (718)274-9541

Austin H. McCormick/ISLAND ACADEMY was opened in September, 1985. It was the first high school in the country to be located in a correctional facility.The school services sentenced male inmates...aged 16 to 22...who are housed on Rikers Island. Island Academy serves 300 students at any one time and has over 1200 students during a school year.

The MISSION of Island Academy is to empower students through the acquisition of academic, vocational and social skills in a caring and nurturing environment. Island Academy provides an opportunity for young men to examine their attitudes so that they will adjust to their home communities and not return to incarceration.

June 17th : DRUGS, GUNS and VIOLENCE - "The Street Realities"
The students that create the 'Teen Talk Radio...On The Move' productions from Island Academy High School are all residents of the NYC Correctional Facility at Rikers Island. All shows are taped in their school and then aired with assistance from the Teen Talk interns. In the upcoming 'Poetry Slams' featuring poets from Island Academy HS, West Side HS, Urban Peace Academy, Public School Repertory Company and Bronx Project Blend HS, each of the other four schools select a student to represent the writings of the Island Academy HS students.


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The Island Poets : 2000-2001
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