One Student's Composition Process
Juan P writes an Identity Memoir

In looking at this work, Paul Allison's question is:

Does the short "structured informal" writing
that he did at the beginning of this process help Juan
or does it hold him back from finding his own way
in the longer, more formal parts of his writing?

Performance: What did Juan do? Prompts: What did the teachers ask Juan to do?
  1. "My Brother's Bad Behavior?" (final draft)
  2. "My Brother's Behavior?" (third draft, with teacher's comments)
  3. "My Brother's Behavior!" (second draft, with peer's comments)
  4. "Loops #1 - #6" (first draft with teacher's comments)
  1. People/Places/Times/Things (generating writing)
  2. 6 Loops (informal, quick genre writing)
  3. Identity Memoir (formal assignment)
  4. Criteria for Revising Memoirs (used after second drafts)
  5. Getting On-line (publishing)