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Special Academic Requirements
  1. Students may sit for final and/or Regents exams as long as he/she is eligible to receive credit as per the B.O.E. attendance policy (i.e. less than twenty (20) days absent for a full year course; less than ten (10) days absent for a half-year course.
  2. All students must take a minimum of five (5) academic courses (not including Physical Education) each semester. In addition, a semester of Health Education and 1 year of Visual/Performing Arts is required.
  3. Students planning on attending Coop-Tech in 11th and 12th grade MUST pass their English and Social Studies courses each year in 9th, 10th and 11th grade.
  4. There are but few EXTRAORDINARY circumstances when schedule changes after the deadline are warranted. In such cases, the following will be considered:
  • sequence and/or credit requirements
  • effort and performance record
  • attendance record
  • teacher's recommendation
  • reason(s) for request stated in writing by the parent(s)
  • whether there is a 1/2 year course available to the student second semester

Courses MAY NOT be dropped until the beginning of the SECOND SEMESTER.

  1. At risk courses may be permitted upon the completion of the application

(Academic Intervention Program) and approval of the advisor, counselor,

Advisor, and parent. Upon completion and submission of the application,

the student must agree to the following:

  • attend classes regularly
  • complete class assignments/projects
  • take quizzes/tests
  • no credit will be given
  • the course will not be considered when determining honor roll or class rank
  • the course status will change to failing status if numbers 1 through 3 above are not complied with.




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