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Virtual Enterprises (VE) is an international network of student-run businesses that sell virtual products for virtual money. At Wings Academy, BAM, or Bronx Art Movement, is a VE company that sells urban art clothing. BAM�s presentation for a start-up bank loan won 3rd place out of 60 New York schools.

Virtual Enterprises allows students to experience, in a simulated business environment, all facets of being an employee in a firm, including research and marketing, commerce, trading, human resource development and administration. The program provides students with an interdisciplinary applied learning and in-school work experience that develops school-to-career skills. The program is based on the European concept of practice firms, in which students run simulated offices in their schools and engage in virtual trading with other practice firms. Through hand-on applications and tangible results, the VE program improves students' skills in problem solving, written and verbal communications, and conveys the expectations of the workplace.




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