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1) ABSENCES Students who are returning to school after an extended absence MUST report directly to the Office to provide the Attendance officer with a written excuse from a parent/guardian, and/or Doctor.

2) EARLY DISMISSALS - SIGN IN/SIGN OUT PROCEDURES - Students and parents are encouraged to schedule appointments after school hours. However, if students are to be excused for doctors' appointments, they are to report to the School Secretary with a note During Advisory. Parent or guardian telephone numbers MUST appear on the request for early dismissal. (Early Dismissal presumes that the student will not be returning the same day.) STUDENTS MUST BRING IN A NOTE FROM THE DOCTOR/DENTIST UPON RETURNING TO SCHOOL. Permission will be issued after presentation of a written excuse signed by parents and approved by the principal. Students who will be leaving early are listed on the morning bulletin. These requests must be submitted to The office upon the students´┐Ż arrival at school in the morning - or during advisory. All students must be accompanied by an adult unless 18 years of age. All students need to sign-out in the high school Log.




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