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Course of Study

Ninth Grade Form I


Form I and (College Now) will introduce our students to a rigorous integrated curriculum in Humanities, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Technology, Community Service and the elective program. Students will be encouraged to explore new ways of learning and achieving success, to develop proficiency in communication skills and refine their ability to work cooperatively with students, staff and the community.


The student�s portfolio will begin in the first year. The components of the portfolio are as follows:

    • Demonstration of research skills
    • A research paper
    • An annotated bibliography of all of the student�s reading (25 books - See DEAR attachment)
    • A Humanities project (Art illustrations are optional)
    • A persuasive or reflective essay
    • Evaluation of community service
    • Demonstrated proficiency in mathematics and science (basic skills, conceptual understandings, Scientific method)
    • An academic review
    • Foreign language portfolio




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