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We approach every school year with great expectations. The Wings Academy curriculum is predicated on the belief that certain qualities are of major importance: the ability to reason carefully and logically and to think imaginatively and sensitively the ability to compute accurately and reason quantitatively a firm command of precise and articulate communication a firm grasp of scientific approaches to problem-solving the ability to identify and develop creative talents in the arts A good understanding of the cultural, social, scientific, and political background of western and non-western civilizations.

Parents/Guardians, we need your help! Children must be provided with a location at home to concentrate on their studies. They have homework and other activities on a daily basis. Students must spend more time reading and doing homework than watching television. One way to accomplish this is to help your child develop good study habits. Help them establish routines. Allow your child room for decision-making as it relates to the manner in which they study.






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