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Course of Study

Senior Institute

Senior Institute represents the most challenging phase of our students' academic career. Students in the Senior Institute are expected to take formal courses and seminars in our school or nearby collaborating colleges and other educational institutions; conduct independent study and research projects; prepare final exhibition for their portfolios; and participate in internships related to a particular field of interest.

SENIOR INSTITUTE - Final Portfolio

Once a student has been accepted into the Senior Institute, in addition to course work, he or she will have to complete FINAL PROJECTS. These projects represent the culmination of the portfolio process for evaluating progress and achievement.

    • Demonstration of research skills
    • A research paper
    • An annotated bibliography of all of the student´┐Żs reading (25 books - See DEAR attachment)
    • A Humanities project (Art illustrations are optional)
    • A persuasive or reflective essay
    • Evaluation of community service
    • Demonstrated proficiency in mathematics and science (basic skills, conceptual understandings, Scientific method)
    • An academic review
    • Foreign language portfolio




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