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Course Description: This course is intended to introduce students to the fundamentals of multimedia and web development. Students will learn a variety of skills including computer graphics, digital photography, photo editing, animation and web authoring. Students will use various pieces of hardware and software in a step by step process to complete a web based project across the curriculum. By the end of this course students should have their own personal space on our web server showing their linked electronic documents and images from all your subjects.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this course is to:

  • Create an interdisciplinary web-based project linking students' work from each of their courses.
  • Give an oral and web based presentation demonstrating your work and how it was created.
  • Improve school culture via participation in maintaining our school website and working with teaching staff
  • Provide a rich hands-on experience with technology


  1. Introduction to the internet and world wide web
  2. Introduction to web authoring
  3. Introduction to graphics using Adobe Photoshop

Students must create an Online portfolio of your best work from all courses in HTML. The portfolio comprises several webpages from each class demonstrating skills learned in computers and other classes. The portfolio will be displayed on the internet. All students must make an oral web based presentation in front of the class.

GRADING BREAKDOWN a) Notebook=10% b) Participation=10% c) Tests=10% Project(s)/Presentation=60% Homework=10%

All homework must be done in the notebook unless otherwise directed. Absolutely no excuses for not having a notebook or homework. Any student with a grade of 65 or below on any test must answer all incorrect questions for homework in their notebook. Outcomes: Students must be adroit at using technology to produce a high standard of work capable of being published. Students must articulate what they have learned over the year. Everything on the syllabus is subject to modification and improvement.

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