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Wings Academy will not hold as its exclusive goal the preparation of students for college; it will offer a curriculum that prepares students for the most demanding of college environments. While the means of achieving these aims have changed, the aims themselves continue to govern a Wings Academy education. Many of the original practices of the school have become valued traditions. Wings Academy is by design a small school, enabling the school community to gather together and to develop close personal relationships. A notable aspect is community service--all students are expected to grow in a position of a community service during their development at Wings Academy. We start from the premise that parents want to send their children to a safe, learning environment. We are sending our code of behavior to you. We expect this code to be discussed at home. The code is designed to help us maintain our safe, learning environment. Therefore, it is imperative that students understand the reason for the code and abide by it. Students should enjoy coming to school and to this we are committed.


Wayne Cox





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